An important factor that affects the price of apartment is the HOA. Since the time the apartment has been commissioned, private plot, the outer entrance, the roof, and the outdoor landscaping are considered as a common property, and the HOA is liable for taking care, monitoring and controlling it, as well as protecting interests of the residents and ensuring their comfort and the appearance of the building in the future depends directly on this organization. As for the “River Garden” residential town, there are lots of common properties of the residents such as green fields, gardens of the residents, artificial lake, sports complex areas, and security.

The service provided by residential town’s HOA is in accordance with the international service standards.

HOA operator is available for 24-hours accepting calls from the residents on a timely basis. Receiving calls in spite of the day or night and solving urgent problems immediately are our advantage

The HOA regularly maintains cleaning and maintenance within the residential town and provides care and watering of the green area throughout the four seasons creating healthy and clean environment for the residents.

Traditional holidays, such as children’s holidays and New Year celebrations are widely celebrated among its residents in order to improve their social involvement and to create a vibrant lifestyle.