Home Automation

Home automation

“River Garden” 2nd shift is in conditioned apartment that has introduced the advanced home automation devices. The main purpose of the device is improve families simplified life style comfort, improve safety by monitoring the use of services accessible. And the equipment listed in the main menu: screen installed in the house and the whole process to ensure your comfort and manage via their mobile phones.

Home automation River Garden

Home automation



You are able to monitor on your mobile and home-based screen any 4 cameras from surveillance cameras installed in the apartment and in the residential town.


Can be set and controlled according to your preferences through the Main screen, Water leak sensor, Motion sensor, Automatic curtains, IP bells, Digital locks, Elevator and Light Automation.


With the help of intercom based on digital technology, you can unlock building entrance and apartment doors, contact the security of HOA /Home owners’ association/ and reception desk, watch the bell camera on the screen, save and retrieve unanswered visitors’ information.


Review HOA-related news and information, payments, its monthly statistical comparisons and their detailed breakdowns, and receive invoices using main screen and mobile.